Organisation and workplace nutrition

People are interested in eating well. Making ‘healthy’ food the preferred food choice served in your organisation (workplace, rest home, boarding facility or cafe) and increasing nutrition knowledge has the potential to significantly impact people’s health and reduce the costs of ill-health. See Good4Work and WorkPlaceNZ.   We will work with you to support the health and well-being of the people using your services through:

Food Guidelines or Policy

We can support the implementation of a food/activity guideline or policy to showcase your organisations commitment to a healthy culture for the people using your services.

Menu Review

We will review your menus in line with Ministry of Health recommendations or the Dietitians NZ Rest Home Audit Tool. This review can include a site visit and/or a basic review of your written menu. We will provide a report and recommendations on how to optimise your menus and the health and well being of the people using your services.

Workshops or Seminars

Many people are confused about the best food for health. We use interactive workshops,  to translate the science of nutrition into practice to improve the health literacy of the people in your organisation. Talk to us about your needs:

  • The food environment: making ‘healthy’ food the preferred choice
  • Empowering food and activity behaviour changes
  • Getting your 5 plus a day?
  • Healthy eating patterns: Japanese, Mediterranean and plant based eating
  • Nourishing a healthy pregnancy; breastfeeding; adulthood; senior life
  • Diabetes, Coeliac disease, Low FODMAP eating explained
  • Interpreting food labels
  • Role of fats/oils; carbohydrates/sugar; protein and fiber
  • Optimising your gut microbiota and health: pre and probiotics and fermented foods


Workshop/seminars $250/hourly session. Please discuss your needs for on-going workshops, menu reviews, policy or resource development.  To make a query please contact us by phone or email.